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Name SUZUI Emiko

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Developing an educational program to improve the parenting skills of incarcerated mothers rearing children

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Interviews were conducted with incarcerated mothers who were rearing younger than 18 years old children at the time of the interview. Thirty one out of 40 targeted mothers consented to the interview. Interview contents related to their family structure and their behavioral characteristics. Mothers were also asked about the existence of someone who would support them, their relationship to family members, explaining imprisonment to children and about child rearing.Results showed that incarcerated mothers had grown up in parental environments with unstable family structures, especially noticeable was the presence of a stepfather or a common law husband who had sexually abused causing them to leave in fear as expressed by those presenting PTSD. Most stimulant drug dealers mentioned that they did not have a supporter waiting for them after release, showing that support after release is scarce. Finally, mothers were not sure if it was good to explain their children about their imprisonment. The level of anxiety experienced by these mothers may be higher when they are about to be released.

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Clinical nursing science

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Collaboration in Japan

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Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research